Love's Final Gift
By Cheryl Goede

I know it is hard on you, there are no words that can describe
the piercing sorrow which does not lessen with time.

When you had to bring me with you, on that last car ride to make,
all the while knowing the course of action you needed to take.

I know you feel guilty, I feel your sorrow, it's true,
I could always sense your each and every mood.

When they called my name I knew that your heart was breaking,
you carried me to the room?getting closer to my new awakening.

The friendly doctor I know gave me treats and spoke low,
he was giving you the time that you needed to let me go.

All left the room, and you gathered me close,
as you wondered how you could do this for me when you needed me the most.

I tried to convey, my last wishes to you,
I looked into your eyes with all the love you are used to,

Mom and Dad, this earthly body has served me well,
but the time has come for us to part, to no longer dwell.

You understood the signal, and knew it was time for me to go,
but before I leave there is just one more thing you should know.

I will look out for you, each day I will guide,
my spirit in some way will always be nearby.

Before I make it to the Bridge to stay,
I will return the love tenfold in hopes for my debts to be paid.

For when that new pup or dog will enter your world,
a new love will blossom and slowly unfurl.

I hope you realize that new dog is Love's Final Gift,
sent from me, your baby girl.

That new dog was chosen by me, to lessen your pain,
like the gentle warmth of the sunshine after the rain.

When you hear him bark, it's my bark too,
when he cuddles you close, it's what I would do.

So open your heart when the time comes to see,
that the love he gives comes also from me.

Take comfort, hug him, and reminisce
as he gives his love freely in the form of a dear doggy kiss.

It's what I would do, if I still could,
and what you would want that is understood.

But the time has come to let me go,
to make that unselfish choice, even though tears will flow.

Hold me, cherish me, until my last breath,
but please don?t look at this as my death,

Someday we will be together again, come close for one last kiss,
I know this it true, as it is my soul's last earthbound wish.

Now I can feel my spirit floating it is traveling high,
as though I were a cloud in the endless blue sky.

Please find peace, you have honored my life with this,
For I have been reborn through your Love's Final Gift.

Dedicated to all our dogs now at the bridge...