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Be critical in your breeding program

Posted by Vom Herz Hundekinder on June 1, 2018 at 10:00 AM

Here we are 6 months in to 2018.

Vhh has had an interesting year so far. We have suffered great losses and have cheered in great successes. As breeders we are always looking ahead and planning, it is tough to accept when you hit walls to high to ever climb. This year we have hit a few. I have taken a few steps back and once again find myself reevaluating our breeding program and what my goals are in it.

I can say I am pleased with many things in our Dachshund’s and feel as of today we are on the right path and I have confidence in the next steps planned. Armani recently earned his Grand Championship and his first CA title. He has shown that he is not only a nice dog however he is showing to be a nice producer also. Our plans are to try and get this lovely boy ranked and possibly see if he is worthy of some group placements. Baby steps. We have been blessed with some amazing backgrounds in his pedigree and there was so many wise breeders involved through his pedigree that he would be a sin to not give him every chance to be big out there. I cannot thank those before me enough for the care you have placed in this breed.

EJ's, Backroads, Diagram, Rags & Railway just to name a few. Thank you, ladies, we will do our best to make you proud.

This has been our success however not everything is a success at all times, we need to acknowledge when we need to regroup and reevaluate what we have and what our goals are.

This year has been tough on us with our GSD side. The passing of our working line matriarch and the unexpected spaying of our Karen due to pyometra has stopped us in our tracks. I am a believer that everything happens for a reason. I care deeply about the GSD as a breed and want to see it succeed and thrive. We have access to three in this line and two others are out there with potential to move forward.

Is it what I want in my line? Does this fit our future goals? I find myself asking this inside over and over.

There were so many wonderful things I loved in this pairing, brains, biddability, their amazing ability to track, the loyalty they have for their owners and I feel I did improve on my bitch’s line.

Do I feel we took a step forward? I do. Do I feel that step was placed where I wanted it? I do not.

I can do better, I can keep all those wonderful improvements and have even more of what I feel is the GSD as a whole. We are 10 years in to our program and for now, I digress.

I love this breed deeply, I care enough to say our path is going to have to change. For now, I will allow the young dogs and bitches to mature so I can have a better grasp on what may or may not be next with them. I will rejoice in the success our owners are having currently with their GSD’s and I will learn more during our break.

I said it, the words have finally come out. We will be taking a break from the GSD breeding plans. We will allow our elders to live their lives out happily and later when the time is right I will seek our next foundation.

I can do better, I will do better and I will keep the great things we already have as I move forward. Our focus and goals will remain consistent. Temperament, health and structure will all be held to the written standard and we will meet it, in time. Until then I will have joy in what we have and what we have created.

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